Week of November 19, 2017 new Blu-ray and DVD releases

The Hitman's Bodyguard, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Leap!, Birth of the Dragon, Good Time, Beach Rats, Lemon, Crown Heights, Dark Signal, Jungle, Ryde, Savage Dog, Fall, The: Series 3, Librarians, the - Season 03, The Mule, The Villainess, Thumper … [Read more...]

The Foreigner Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday January 9, 2018

Based on a novel written in 1992 called The Chinaman written by Stephen Leather, a former bomb maker turned Chinese restaurant owner embarks on a mission of revenge following the death of his daughter by a bombing by Irish terrorists. The humble businessman engages in a cat-and-mouse style conflict with a government official, who has the past that just may help the businessman discover clues necessary for finding out the identity of his … [Read more...]

It Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday January 9, 2018

A group of small neighborhood children are terrorized by a clown named Pennywise. This clown is able to see into the fears of these children and create their ultimate nightmare. The group of children must band together to figure out who Pennywise is, why he has invaded their town, and which child he will come for next. The children must fight back in order to find out what must be done to stop the demonic clown for good. … [Read more...]

Happy Death Day Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday January 16, 2018

Tree Gelbman awakes in a stranger's dorm room on her birthday. However, her mate from the previous night is the least of her worries. The day runs its course as expected until Tree is stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant. Life goes black for Tree, and then she suddenly reawakens in the dorm room again.It turns out she is stuck in an endless loop of the same day with the same murderous fate. Tree eventually finds out she must discover … [Read more...]

My Little Pony: The Movie Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday January 9, 2018

The ponies of Ponyville have discovered that a dark force is threatening their town. To fight back and save their village, the ponies of Mane 6 embark on and epic journey to the end of Equestria, where they hope to work together to protect their friends and their home. On their journey, they make new friends and navigate many challenges and dangers. In the end, good prevails, and the ponies friendship and teamwork once again restores peace to … [Read more...]

Flatliners Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday December 26, 2017

The American science fiction film is a gripping psychological horror that follows the consequences that begin occurring after medical students start to experiment with "near death" experiences. These experiences involve tragedies that occurred in the past, but the results are starting to jeopardize their very lives as they continue to seek answers to what happens to us when we die. … [Read more...]

Week of November 12, 2017 new Blu-ray and DVD releases

Atomic Blonde, Wind River, The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, Brigsby Bear, Aquarius, 24: Legacy, 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, Amityville: The Awakening, Doctor Who: The Complete Tenth Series [Blu-ray], Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You, Preacher, The Secret Scripture, Unlocked … [Read more...]

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday December 19, 2017

Cole, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, Nya and Zane are six Lego teens who have extraordinary skills. They are all gifted ninjas, and they spend their nights defending their island of Ninjago against a host of enemy invaders. During the day, however, they lead a much different life. Despite their heroic actions, they must go to school like ordinary teenagers, and in a lot of ways, this causes them more stress than the epic battles they undertake at night. How … [Read more...]

Mother! Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday December 19, 2017

A young couple just getting started in their marriage and home together find themselves facing uninvited house guests who show up at their front door. Faced with a difficult decision about what to do, they must then somehow try to save both their marriage and their own independence as they figure out how their life fits in with that of their new guests. A psychological horror scene ensues, and what had been a peaceful, calm and tranquil existence … [Read more...]

Week of November 5, 2017 new Blu-ray and DVD releases

Cars 3, The Glass Castle, Your Name, Slamma Jamma, Ingrid Goes West, Patti Cake$, American Dad! Volume 12, Family Guy Ssn 15, Gun Shy, Heartland, Killing Ground, Overdrive, Masterpiece: Poldark Season 3, Crown: Season One, The Limehouse Golem, The Show, Westworld: The Complete First Season … [Read more...]

The Mountain Between Us Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday December 26, 2017

When their plane crashes into the side of a mountain, two strangers forge a friendship based on necessity. If they want to survive while waiting for help, they will need to work together. However, it quickly become obvious that no help will be arriving anytime soon. In order to get back to the only world they know, they will need to make an incredible trek. Risking their lives in order to save them, these two will test the boundaries of … [Read more...]

Week of October 29, 2017 new Blu-ray and DVD releases

The Dark Tower, Kidnap, Person to Person, Humans 2.0, Outcast The Complete Season One … [Read more...]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Blu-ray and DVD release date set for Tuesday December 12, 2017

As the sequel to "Kingsman: The Secret Service," the top secret agency is now tasked with a scenario in which their headquarters have been destroyed, and the world is being held, hostage. In their attempts to fight back and save the day, they are led to a US agency known as Statesman. This epic adventure is a challenge of both strength and wit as the organizations join forces to conquer their common enemy. … [Read more...]