Waxwork Records Announces 2018 Vinyl Releases; ‘Get Out’! ‘Drag Me to Hell’!

For the fourth year, Waxwork Records has announced today that they’ll be offering up a deluxe and exclusive subscription service to their most diehard fans in 2018! By joining the 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription service, you will receive five deluxe soundtracks / film score releases on exclusive 180 gram colored vinyl, exclusive merchandise, a screen printed poster, an enamel pin, apparel, discounts, and incentives unavailable to the … [Read more...]

New to Blu – Week of 11/21/2017

Each week here at Bloody Disgusting we like to highlight some of the new Blu-ray releases hitting shelves across the world. Please note that this isn’t every release for the week, just a few of the ones that jumped out at us. Last week of releases before Thanksgiving and if you like physical media we’ve got a lot to be thankful for this week! Stateside we’ve got a number of excellent releases. If you’re looking for something new … [Read more...]

Baby Raptor Will Warm Your Heart in First Look at ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

We still have to wait about a month to see the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which we recently learned will be attached to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But how about an early first look… today?! Over on Twitter this morning, producer/Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow shared an adorable video of Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady petting a baby raptor, which is our first real look at next year’s sequel. “From our … [Read more...]

[Exclusive] Watch the Violent Prison Riot from ‘Death House’

Director Harrison Smith’s “Expendables of Horror” film Death House will be kicking off next year’s crop of horror movies, and we’ve got another exclusive clip today! The film’s plot is set into motion by a prison break at the titular Death House, and this clip gives us our first taste of that violent riot. “The facility has shut down due to an internal EMP blast,” Smith set up the scene for us. … [Read more...]

You Need to Watch These Super Gory ‘Elm Street’ and ‘Chainsaw’ Animated Fan Films

These do more justice to the franchises than many of the actual films. Fan Sonny Fernandez has been doing something pretty awesome over on his YouTube channel for the last couple years. Under the banner Down Twisted Shorts, Sonny has been making, in his own words, “insanely dark and twisted short animated films,” and they’ve damn sure been living up to that promise. The shorts, which usually run right around 10-mins, are … [Read more...]

[Gift Guide] ‘Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin’ is Loaded With Incredible Horror Art

“Like a modern Frankenstein, Gary reanimates nostalgia and unleashes it to bite your ass!” – Guillermo del Toro   We’ve profiled the art of “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin a handful of times, as it’s adorned some of the coolest releases of the past several years. Arrow Video, Mondo and Waxwork Records have all partnered with Pullin to create eye-catching packaging for their records and Blu-rays, making Pullin one … [Read more...]

Images From All 10 “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” Episodes Streaming in January

Having already aired on Channel 4 in the UK, Amazon Prime has announced their new anthology series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” will premiere on the streaming service here in the States on January 12, 2018. Here’s a huge batch of images from all 10 episodes to celebrate the announcement! Each standalone episode of the series is inspired by Dick’s short stories as adapted by British and American writers including Ronald D. Moore … [Read more...]

[Podcasts] Virtual Pros #54 – 2018 Predictions! Jericho Tweets, Dream Restaurants & Drake Is A Graps Influencer?

The Virtual Pros are back with their stone cold lead pipe lock wrestling predictions for 2018. Plus we put together plans for our dream wrestling themed restaurants, go over Chris jericho’s controversial bikini comments, talk about some big beefy boys in NJPWs 90s tag scene, and reminisce over some awkward moments featuring kids in wrestling angles.Subscribe and Listen to Past Episodes: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Soundcloud | Web … [Read more...]

Artist Just Made a Replica of Ripley’s Futuristic ‘Alien’ Watch

This is apparently what watches will look like in the year 2122. Ellen Ripley, in addition to being a badass monster-slayer, is also something of a fashion icon. Remember those futuristic Reeboks she wore in Aliens, for example? Replica pairs sell for a pretty penny, as fans will spare no expense to look as cool as Ripley. And let’s not forget the double watch she rocks in 1979’s Alien, set in the year 2122. What does 2122 technology … [Read more...]

Kino Lorber and Code Red Plan to End 2017 with a Bang!

Kino Lorber, who partnered with Code a while back, have just released their December DVD and Blu-ray release schedule for the two labels and it’s going to be one hell of a month! All told they’ll be putting out nearly 20 titles across a wide variety of genres spanning a number of decades. The horror releases for the month come courtesy of Code Red with Eye in the Labyrinth and Headhunter. Code Red will also be putting out a number of … [Read more...]

Ed Wood’s ‘The Violent Years’ is Out on Blu-ray Now!

Out today on Blu-ray is yet another entry from the partnership between AGFA and Something Weird. Following on the heels of The Zodiac Killer and Bat Pussy (yes, you read that title correctly), the two companies have come together to offer a brand-new 4K transfer for 1956’s The Violent Years. The film comes from director William Morgan which is a name you likely haven’t heard of. Morgan directed 14 titles over his career but was mostly … [Read more...]

‘Get Out’ Scores Big With Five Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

Is an Academy Award nomination next? Just last week we learned that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is considering Jordan Peele’s Get Out for potential Golden Globes nominations (in the “Comedy” category… go figure), and today brings even more great news for the film, as it’s been honored with multiple Independent Spirit Awards nominations. Film Independent announced the nominations earlier today, and Get Out … [Read more...]

Kino Lorber Acquires Psychedelic Thriller ‘Like Me’

Rob Mockler makes his directorial debut with Like Me, and oh boy do you have to see this trailer! The footage shows star Addison Timlin in her own trippy world that gives nods to cult classics such as David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation, not to mention Max Headroom. The film looks like a tripped out version of V/H/S, inspired by Patrick Nagel’s art, and soaked in cool 80’s fluorescent … [Read more...]