Olivia Wilde’s Swimsuit Nipples, SI Swimsuit’s Camille Kostek Bouncing Booty and More

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Taylor Swift’s Cattiness Coming Back to Hurt Her, ‘Transabled’ Woman Wants Spine Severed and More

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Still, Nobody Knows Who Rita Ora Is

Rita Ora has spent her entire career trying to get name recognition or even get a single in the top 10 without having to be a feature. Turns out, she’s still trying to do that. A few days ago, Ora made a cameo on The Voice in Germany as part of a blind audition bit where celebrities crash auditions. Things got super awkward when not one judge recognized her. After performing her single “Your Song”, the judges asked who she was. … [Read more...]

Kathy Griffin Still Thinks She’s the Victim in Donald Trump Decapitation

Earlier this year, Kathy Griffin was an idiot and posed with a life-like doll of Donald Trump. Oh, the doll was beheaded with blood running down the face and everything. Some people thought it was real, including Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron. This was a dumb idea, and to make it worse, Griffin thought she was the victim. She complained about Trump and the media targeting her and how he was holding down powerful women and blah blah … [Read more...]

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Was ‘Gang-Banged’ by the Internet in August 2014

Remember the Fappening? Of course you remember the Fappening. No guy with an Internet connection will ever forget the Fappening. Jennifer Lawrence was at the center of the Fappening. Dozens of nude photos came out and a handful of videos on top of that. She was queen of pervy internet city, the absolute last place you want to be queen of. In talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence opened up about the summer of 2014 photo incident that had … [Read more...]

Nation in Shock as Malia Obama Acts Like Normal College Student at Harvard-Yale Game

Are you ready for a new chapter in the book of Malia Obama, normal college student? I mean, as normal as you can be when you’re the millionaire daughter of the most popular living former President of the United States attending Harvard as an undergrad. And the press is still stalking her. I’m not entirely sure why we actually care about Malia Obama. Maybe because the last Democratic president’s daughter is an idiot and we’re desperate for a … [Read more...]

Weather Channel Forecast Didn’t Predict a 100% Chance of Bus During Coverage of Georgia Dome Implosion

Imagine you’re a cameraman for The Weather Channel. You spend most of your days filming hazardous conditions, which means that you spend your days standing around during hurricanes trying to hold a 50-pound camera steady while houses are flying past you. Today is different, though. Today you’re filming a nice, safe implosion in sunny downtown Atlanta. You set up across the street from the Georgia Dome to get what you think is a perfect shot. The … [Read more...]

Oliver Stone Humiliated Melissa Gilbert During Audition, But That’s A Win For Hollywood

I just watched the documentary Too Funny To Fail about The Dana Carvey Show on Hulu. I highly recommend it. On that show, they did a sketch where Oliver Stone, played by Stephen Colbert, would be talking about his new movie, a biopic on George Washington. And in the sketch, Washington was doing coke. The joke was that Oliver Stone just loved doing biopics on people, he loved doing coke, and he loved doing biopics about people who did coke. I … [Read more...]

A 12-Year-Old Bryan Cranston Had a Run-In With Charles Manson

Now that Charles Manson has died, it seems no one has anything good to say about him. I mean, what did he really do? Kill Sharon Tate? Natalie Wood was a much better actress than Sharon Tate and everyone still loves Christopher Walken. Bryan Cranston had a much more interesting story about Manson than most, however, as he had a run-in with Manson as a child.Hearing Charles Manson is dead, I shuddered. I was within his grasp just one year before … [Read more...]

Very Deep Nina Dobrev Cameltoe, Woman Explains 5 Sex Myths and More

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Bella Hadid’s Victoria’s Secret Wardrobe Malfunction, Taylor Swift Is All Bark, No Bite and More

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Harvey Weinstein Had A Hitlist Of Women he Assaulted

If you’re wondering how Harvey Weinstein kept track of all the women he was harassing, fondling, raping and otherwise abused so he knew where to send his army of spies, it turns out he made a list. A list with 91 names on it. He even highlighted the high-priority victims in red. So who is on this list? Well, the Observer, who acquired the list, redacted all the names we didn’t know already and it’s pretty damning for Weinstein. He’s basically … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Schoolteacher Created a Lovely Candlelight Tableau for Student She was Molesting

You know, one thing about female sexual predators is that they make things nice and romantic for the people they’re taking advantage of. Take, for example, Hunter Day, an Oklahoma schoolteacher who lit candles, turned down the lights and got in a sexy pose when she was expecting her 16 year old student to come and have sex with her. Of course, it was actually the police who showed up at her door, which just made all her hard work … [Read more...]