Frotcast 366: Shorty Awards Infinity Awards, With Jane Harrison And Allison Mick

Getty Image– Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right-click, save as). You can also listen on Stitcher. It’s Avengers Infinity Wars week on the Frotcast, not because we talk about the Marvel film, but because we’re doing our own huge team-up event with past guests Jane Harrison, Allison Mick, Joey Avery, and Matt … [Read more...]

This Week In Posters: David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween,’ ‘Solo,’ And More

IMPA This week in This Week in Posters, we begin with Adrift, which has both particles of stuff flying everywhere (sea spray in this case) and a classic closed-eyed headbutt design. That’s competing poster clichés! I can’t tell if we’re getting lots of action from the particles or lots of yearning because of the headbutt. Maybe both? Will they be “yearning” for food and water in this one? Time will tell. IMPA This is … [Read more...]

‘I Feel Pretty’ Is Amy Schumer’s ‘Elf’

STX Films On Chris Rock’s Bigger and Blacker special, one of his more memorable bits describes our general unhappiness with ourselves. “We live in a society where no one likes who the f*ck they are. Nobody likes who the f*ck they are — except fat black women. Fat black women don’t give a f*ck what you think. She’s going out on Friday night. She got an outfit on. That shit match. She’s like, ‘I’m … [Read more...]

‘Super Troopers 2’ Is Shockingly Good… For A While

Fox Searchlight Long-overdue comedy sequels always have an air of desperation about them. You picture an addict on a corner begging, “C’mon, man, I’ll do ‘All right meow’ for 10 bucks!” Or an annoyed musician desperately trying to move on while the concert audience shrieks “Play bear f*cker!” In the case of Broken Lizard, it seems more like the latter, the demand for repetition coming more from the … [Read more...]

This Week In Posters: Mary Shelley, James Franco, And Jim Carrey’s ‘Dark Crimes’

IMPA This week in This Week In Posters, we begin with Anon, which I assume is short for “anonymous,” and refers to Amanda Seyfried’s weird Patty Hearst wig. How come Clive Owen doesn’t have to wear a wig? Is he not also off the grid and on the run (strong tagline). I guess if you’re Clive Owen, you can become incognito just by making your gaze less penetrating. Assuming he can even turn that off. Anyway, they lined … [Read more...]

Chasing Food And Rum In St. Lucia, The Caribbean’s Never Never Land

Joshua Mellin It took 12 hours to get to St. Lucia from San Francisco — five hours to New York, plus a two-hour layover, then five more hours to the island. Which is one of the southeastern most countries in the Caribbean island chain, just north of Trinidad and Tobago, slightly northwest of Barbados, and fairly close to the old Spanish Main (ie, South America) — due north of present-day Guyana. Beyond the general vicinity, I … [Read more...]

Frotcast 365: Name Of The Year Draft, With Steve Bramucci

MGM/Orion– Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right-click, save as). You can also listen on Stitcher. Matt Lieb is back in the studio this week with Vince and Brendan, along with guest Steve Bramucci, Uproxx Life editor, for everyone’s favorite Frotcast of the year: the Name of the Year draft! Before … [Read more...]

This Week In Posters: A Week Of Really Good Posters, Actually

IMPA This week in This Week In Posters, we begin with Always At The Carlyle, a hotel where latte-sipping ladies with tiny dogs are always welcome to let their scarves blow in the breeze, or so I gather. Did you know “love letter to sumptuous hotel” is the hot new movie genre? (All posters via IMPA.) IMPA You’ll have to take my word for it because I’m not going to post them all, but this is just one of 22 character posters … [Read more...]

Warwick Thornton, On Preserving Indigenous People’s History In The Brutal Aussie Western, ‘Sweet Country’

Mark Rogers/Samuel Goldwyn Films The cinematic Western started in large part as a justification of manifestation destiny, glorifying the rugged, upright white settler in his struggle against the savage native. On a longer timeline, filmmakers continue to reinvent the genre, and one of its strengths has proven to be its adaptability. The Lone Ranger-ish white hats of the 1950s gave way to the anti-heroes of the 1970s, and these days, the Western … [Read more...]

Frotcast 364: Bob Honey Who Just Does Fish, With Red Scott And Allison Mick

Getty Image– Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right-click, save as). You can also listen on Stitcher. This week on the Frotcast, Matt Lieb is back live in studio with Vince, joined by Red Scott from Boars, Gore, and Swords and comedian Allison Mick. Our topics include our predictions for the … [Read more...]

The Director Of ‘The China Hustle’ On The Reverse-Merger Scandal, The Biggest Con Since The Mortgage Crisis

Magnolia Pictures (China Hustle protagonist Dan David) Like a lot of white-collar crime, the fraud depicted in The China Hustle, a new documentary directed by Jed Rothstein and produced by Alex Gibney, is outwardly complex, but the basic act is simple. Rothstein’s film investigates the world of the “reverse-merger,” a type of financial fraud that became big business in the wake of the financial crisis, when investors were … [Read more...]

‘Chappaquiddick’ Is Duly, Dull-ly Respectful To Kennedy Family Myths

Entertainment Studios People have been wondering how Mary Jo Kopechne wound up dead in Ted Kennedy’s car under the water off Chappaquiddick Island since the day her body was discovered on July 19th, 1969. Much of that interest surely stems from the fact that Ted Kennedy’s official account of what happened sounded like bullshit. In telling this story on film, whether out of undue reverence for the usual Camelot myths or legal niceties, … [Read more...]

This Week In Posters: The Avengers Literary And Potato Peel Society

IMPA This week in This Week In Posters we begin with… aw, son of a bitch, fresh out of the gate you’re going to assault me with child actor hair? Ugh. Parents: don’t let your children become child actors. And if you are, at least give them a damn haircut. Also, poster designers, if you absolutely need to get the stars’ faces in there, come up with a better solution than random squares. [all posters via IMPA] IMPA How many … [Read more...]