‘The Equalizer 2’ Does Not Make A Strong Case For ‘The 3qualizer’

Sony There’s a moment during The Equalizer 2 in which Denzel Washington, as homicidal yet caring former Army man Robert McCall, is meticulously scrubbing graffiti off the inner wall of his apartment courtyard. His adolescent neighbor, Miles (Ashton Sanders), walks by, casually inquiring why a tenant like McCall would go to all the trouble of scrubbing off graffiti rather than just let the landlord handle it. McCall gives him some speech … [Read more...]

A Beer-Brewing Legend Shares Some Insight About His Career And His Craft

Vince Mancini Talking to a professional brewmaster, there’s always one obvious question that stands above all others: “How do I get a job like yours?” Sadly for us humanities majors, Blue Moon brewmaster John Legnard has degrees in biology and microbiology. At one point he was planning to use them in a career as a veterinarian, but somewhere along the line he and a college roommate discovered that they could “make better … [Read more...]

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Israeli Weapons Guy Is The Best Comedy Character Since Chappelle’s Blind Black Klansman

Showtime Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime show Who Is America?, which premiered last night, was mostly a mixed bag of scat jokes and one-step-too-far lines, interspersing cringe awkwardness with the occasional big laugh line. But one stand-out bit can elevate an entire show, and Who Is America? was more than worth it for its one transcendent moment, in which Cohen brilliantly impersonated Israeli weapons expert “Erran Morad.” … [Read more...]

Bo Burnham’s ‘Eighth Grade’ Is So Good At Evoking Junior High It Might Give You PTSD

A24Eighth Grade is both a stunning achievement in cinematic veracity and maybe not the best watch for anyone who’s spent their adult life trying to forget middle school. It’s so traumatic and awkward and embarrassing that there were times I wanted to retreat back inside my own body, really make a couch fort out of repressed memories in there and never come out. Success? Elsie Fisher plays Kayla, an eighth-grader on the cusp of … [Read more...]

‘Sorry To Bother You’ Is A Singular Work Of Genius

Annapurna PicturesSorry to Bother You, the writing and directing debut of Bay Area hip-hop legend Boots Riley, is really hard to describe in a review. That’s a big part of what makes it so great. Fewer movies are getting made these days, and the ones that do get made tend to fit neatly into a few categories. For the most part, you get either the mass market blockbusters meant to appeal to everyone, or the limited market arthouse films … [Read more...]

How Can We Stay Sane When It Feels Like The World Has Gone Crazy?

Universal I had a personal experience over the weekend that made The First Purge hit home for me in a way that it otherwise might not have, and I didn’t want to shoehorn this personal anecdote into an otherwise straight review. It’s a feeling that had been growing since long before I saw the movie, this gnawing sense that we’re losing our collective mind. Mass media has been fractured for a while now, … [Read more...]

‘The First Purge’ Manages To Be Both Goofy Schlock And Incisive Satire

Universal Aptly, The First Purge was to be my first purge movie. I hadn’t seen the others, partly through happenstance and partly through not caring enough to seek them out. I figured that since this one was an origin story, I could get all caught up in one fell swoop. I’d never sought them out before, because the idea of crime being legal once a year as a way to reduce crime felt more like a facsimile of satire than actual satire. … [Read more...]

‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Is Still A Franchise In Search Of An Identity

Marvel It feels like a snooty thing to say, but in order to be truly successful, Ant-Man and the Wasp has to be about more than an Ant Man and a Wasp. That’s not to say I’m above enjoying a movie about an Ant-Man who can shrink and enlarge himself at will — I’m absolutely not — and in fact the scale-altering special effects of Ant-Man’s shrinky dink button (not sure if this is the official name) are some of the … [Read more...]

Frotcast 372: Matt Lieb Goes To VidCon, With Drew Platt

Getty Image(I searched VidCon on Getty and was not disappointed) http://frotcast.blubrry.net/2018/06/29/frotcast-372-matt-lieb-goes-to-vidcon-with-drew-platt– Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right-click, save as). You can also listen on Stitcher.This week on the Frotcast, Matt Lieb is back in the studio after getting mobbed, okay mostly yawned at, by Tweens at VidCon, the nation’s foremost gathering of … [Read more...]

Ben Foster And Thomasin Mackenzie Channel ‘The Road’ In Debra Granik’s Lyrical ‘Leave No Trace’

Scott Green for Bleeker Street One of my all-time favorite movie memories happened at Sundance in 2010, when, after getting shut out of screenings for a few highly-buzzed, star-studded premieres (which naturally no one remembers now) I wandered my way into the only other film available in that time slot, a bleak-looking little hero’s journey set in the Ozarks called Winter’s Bone, directed by Debra Granik. That one ended up blowing me … [Read more...]

Ben Foster Tells Us About His Love For 7-Eleven Hot Dogs, And His Hate For Social Media

Scott Green for Bleecker Street Over the years, Ben Foster has been quietly building an unimpeachable acting resume, making a name for himself playing a collection of intense and unhinged oddballs in acclaimed films, from Alpha Dog and 3:10 To Yuma through Lone Survivor and Hell or High Water and Lance Armstrong in The Program. Stories of his method acting have followed him along the way, from allegedly eating dirt on the set of Lone Survivor to … [Read more...]

Frotcast 371: ‘Gotti,’ And ‘The Incredibles 2’ Becomes Unlikely Thirst Trap, With Jim Van Blaricum

Vertical Entertainment/MoviePass Ventureshttp://media.blubrry.com/frotcast/s/content.blubrry.com/frotcast/371_Gotti_And_Incredibles_2_Unlikely_Thirst_Trap_with_Jim_Van_Blaricum.mp3– Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right-click, save as). You can also listen on Stitcher. This week on the Frotcast, I’m walkin’ heah! Which is to say, we’re talking Gotti, the first mob movie directed by E from Entourage and apparently … [Read more...]

Watching An Out-Of-Character Glenn Danzig Discuss Movies Is Oddly Satisfying

In the past handful of years on the internet, Glenn Danzig has become known almost as much as a guy that gets photographed buying kitty litter or rumored to be involved in a neighborhood dispute involving bricks as he’s known as the legendary lead singer of The Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. Partly he was a victim (insomuch as having memes about you implies victimhood) of his own tightly-controlled persona, where anything that punctured his … [Read more...]