1922 Trailer: Thomas Jane Gets Murderous in Stephen King Adaptation

Thomas Jane is a 1920s-era farmer who decides to kill his wife in the trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novella, 1922. The Netflix original movie is the latest in a string of King adaptations that have been released this year, for both the big and small screen. Director Andy Muschietti’s IT movie is currently sitting atop the box office and has become a pop cultural event in its own right, having arrived but a … [Read more...]

American Assassin Review

American Assassin is a preposterous, but lean and mean Mitch Rapp thriller adaptation elevated by Michael Keaton’s turn as Rapp’s grizzled mentor. Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) was a 23-year old graduate school student who had barely gotten engaged to his girlfriend when tragedy struck, shattering his plans for the future and sending Mitch down a darker path in search of vengeance against the terrorists who were responsible for his … [Read more...]

The Commuter Trailer: Liam Neeson On a Train

The first trailer has arrived for The Commuter, the latest collaboration between Liam Neeson and filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra. Neeson and Collet-Serra have now worked on four movies together (The Commuter included), starting with their Hitchcockian thriller Unknown in 2011. The actor/director pair then reunited for another genre exercise in mystery/suspense with Non-Stop in 2014, before joining forces on the mobster crime drama/thriller Run All … [Read more...]

IT Review

As a coming of age parable, IT succeeds at being both horrifying and emotionally-resonant, even while adapting only half of King’s original story. On a rainy September day in the city of Derry, Maine, circa 1988, young Georgie Denbrough (Jackson Robert Scott) mysteriously goes missing after he sets off playing with a paper boat that his older brother, Bill (Jaeden Lieberher), made for him. Several months later, at the start of the summer of … [Read more...]

Good Time Review

Good Time‘s inspired style, coupled with Pattinson’s compelling performance, are enough to carry the film past its narrative shortcomings. Constantine ‘Connie’ Nikas (Robert Pattinson) is a young man living in New York who just wants to improve life for himself and his mentally-disabled brother Nick (Ben Safdie), by any means necessary. Rather than allowing his brother to be institutionalized for his behavior, Connie … [Read more...]

Wind River Review

Wind River is a decent, if flawed, directorial effort from Sheridan that showcases his strength as an actors’ director, more than as a writer. Corey Lambert (Jeremy Renner) is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent – and divorced parent – who makes his living hunting/killing predators that prey on the animals and farmland of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. One day, while scoping out the wilderness in search of a … [Read more...]

Detroit Review

Detroit makes for a disturbing and unnerving portrayal of real historical events, but has less success as a work of sociopolitical commentary. Following an early morning police raid on an unlicensed weekend drinking club located on 12th Street in Detroit, Michigan, on July 23rd, 1967, the public disorder in response to the raid gives rise to violent and destructive riots over the five days thereafter. The city of Detroit is placed under a curfew … [Read more...]

The Emoji Movie Review

The Emoji Movie squanders the talents of its capable voice cast on an animated film that is as cynical in its outlook as it was in its conception. Gene (T.J. Miller) is a Meh Emoji who lives in Textopolis, a digital city that exists with the smartphone owned by an ordinary human teenager named Alex (Jake T. Austin). While Gene is excited about getting to finally work with the other emojis that populate Alex’s phone, he has one big problem: … [Read more...]

Suburbicon Trailer & Poster: There Goes Matt Damon’s Neighborhood

The first trailer and poster have arrived for George Clooney’s upcoming dark comedy/thriller, Suburbicon. Clooney co-wrote the film with his longtime, Oscar-winning writing/producing partner Grant Heslov, based on an original script that was concocted by Joel and Ethan Coen all the way back in 1986 (shortly after the Coens made their feature directorial debut with Blood Simple). While Clooney was set to star in Suburbicon at one point … [Read more...]

Dunkirk Review

Dunkirk makes for Christopher Nolan’s most intense and nerve-wracking thriller yet, delivering a strikingly terse viewing experience in the process. Between May 26 and June 4, 1940, Allied soldiers fighting in WWII (including, the British and French armies) are surrounded on all sides by the German Army forces and must be evacuated on the beaches of Dunkirk, by way of an operation known as Operation Dynamo. On the ground at Dunkirk, British … [Read more...]

The Snowman Trailer: Michael Fassbender is After a Serial Killer

The first trailer has arrived for the film adaptation of Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbø’s book The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender. A big screen version of Nesbø’s 2007 best-selling novel has been in development for more than five years now and even had Martin Scorsese attached to direct at one point during its pre-production. Scorsese ended up serving as an executive producer on the project instead, with Tomas Alfredson of … [Read more...]

The Big Sick Review

Rich in emotional honesty and equal parts funny/moving, The Big Sick successfully infuses the traditional rom-com formula with a modern sensibility. Kumail Nanjiani (playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself) is a Pakistani-American currently making his living as an Uber driver in modern Chicago by day, a wannabe professional standup comedian at night. Despite his family’s best efforts to get Kumail to agree to an arranged marriage to … [Read more...]

War for the Planet of the Apes Review

War for the Planet of the Apes is as satisfying a conclusion to Caesar’s journey as it is a compelling standalone, big-budget blockbuster experience. Two years after the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his fellow apes have been driven deeper into the woods near San Francisco. The highly-intelligent simians now find themselves being hunted by The Colonel (Woody Harrelson), the mysterious and … [Read more...]