Daily Podcast: What It’s Like To Visit A Film Set, Superman, Peele, Christmas Story, Disneyland

On the September 22, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including a three-hour cut of Superman: The Movie, Jordan Peele’s new tv series, and A Christmas Story live casting. At the Water Cooler, we’ll talk about Murder on the Orient Express and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disneyland, and in The Mail Bag we’ll take another behind the scenes look at the movie blogging … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: Will Disney Ever Remake Star Wars? Akira, Wolverine, Kingsman, Game of Thrones, Terminator

On the September 21, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including who might direct the live-action Akira movie, Matthew Vaughn’s original plan for a young Wolverine movie and hopes for Kingsman sequels and spin-off films, a fifth Game of Thrones prequel tv show in development, Linda Hamilton returns for the next Terminator movie, and Paramount is reportedly not happy that JJ … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: Press Screenings Explained, Valerian, Kingsman, The Deuce, VR Moviewatching, Willy Wonka & More

On the September 20, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson and Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest news, including a Netflix cartoon controversy, the possibility of a Valerian sequel, the first reviews for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a new movie theater VR concept, The Deuce season 2 and Willy Wonka in Concert. And in The Mail Bag, we answer all of your questions about press screenings. You can subscribe to … [Read more...]

Dealt Trailer: This Magical Audience Award Winning Doc Aims To Inspire & Amaze You

As you probably know by now, I’m a magic fanatic. I’ve written in the past about my favorite magic movies, and even my audition experience joining Los Angeles’ prestigious Magic Castle as a magician member. One of the movies I was really bummed to have missed at Sundance this year is a documentary titled Dealt about Richard Turner, one of the greatest card magicians of our time. I’ve seen Turner perform in the close-up … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: Best Movies of TIFF 2017, Emmy Winners, True Lies, CinemaScore, HHN, See/Saw, Mike Birbiglia

On the September 19, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson and Brad Oman to talk about the latest news, including a True Lies tv series reboot, the cinemascore for mother! and the 2017 Emmy winners. In the Water Cooler we’ll be talking about Halloween Horror Nights, a secret magic show in Los Angeles, a stand-up comedy special, and Delta’s inflight movies. And in Our Feature Presentation, we’ll be joined by Chris … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: HT Faces Her Fears By Confronting ‘IT’, John Wick 3, Star Wars, Halloween, Westworld

On the September 18, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Jacob Hall and Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest news, including: the release date for John Wick: Chapter 3, Jon Hamm voicing Boba Fett in a Star Wars story, Jamie Lee Curtis returning for the Halloween reboot, some intriguing Westworld casting, and a director’s cut of It. In our Feature Presentation, Hoai-Tran introduces her new mission to tackle the horror genre … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: How To Become A Movie Blogger, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Fast & Furious, American Werewolf in London

On the September 15, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Jacob Hall to talk about the latest news, including an update on the Devin Faraci/Alamo Drafthouse controversy, Max Landis’ An American Werewolf in London remake, a dozen new Star Wars stories have been revealed, Tyrese begs The Rock not to make his Fast & Furious spin-off (find out why) and multiple endings planned for Game of Thrones. In The Mail Bag, we’ll talk … [Read more...]

26 New ‘Star Wars’ Stories Have Been Revealed

In April, it was announced that a new book would be released called Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, combining 40 stories written from dozens of writers (including Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta, famed comic book writer Paul Dini, Thrilling Adventure Hour creators Ben Acker & Ben Blacker) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars franchise. Each story is told from the perspective of background characters from A New … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: Lucasfilm Story Group’s Role in Star Wars Movies, Stephen King, Stan Lee, Apple TV 4K, Devin Faraci

On the September 14, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Jacob Hall Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest news, including: the effect of Rotten Tomatoes scores on the box office, another Stephen King movie adaptation in development, Stan Lee lines up future Marvel Studios cameos, Apple announced Apple TV 4K and we have a serious discussion about the Devin Faraci/Alamo Drafthouse situation. You can subscribe to /Film Daily … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: Let’s Get Excited For ‘IT: Chapter 2’, Also: Star Wars 9 Release Date Changes

On the September 13, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Jacob Hall Brad Oman and Ben Pearson to talk about the new release date of Star Wars Episode 9. And in Our Feature Presentation, we’ll be taking a deep dive into IT: Chapter 2. Now that we have seen the first chapter, let’s geek out about the second part of this Stephen King adaptation. What do we know, who might be involved, and much much more. You can subscribe … [Read more...]

Emergency Podcast: JJ Abrams To Direct ‘Star Wars Episode 9’

Some news woke us up on Tuesday morning: Star Wars: The Force Awakens filmmaker JJ Abrams had been hired to replace Collin Trevorrow on Star Wars Episode 9. In this EMERGENCY PODCAST, Ben Pearson and Hoai-Tran Bui join Peter Sciretta to discuss the latest news and our thoughts on JJ Abrams as the director of Episode 9.You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: What Do You Collect? IT, Star Wars, Mouse Guard, Molly’s Game & More

On the September 12, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including the It box office, Mouse Guard gets a director, the creator of Wolverine has died, the first reactions from Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut Molly’s Game, and will Rian Johnson be directing Star Wars Episode 9? And in The Mail Bag, Ethan Anderton joins us to talk about our various collections. We also … [Read more...]

Daily Podcast: Greatest Movie Twists, Colin Trevorrow, 47 Meters Down, Rotten Tomatoes, The Orville

On the September 11, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Hoai-Tran Bui and Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including a 47 Meters Down sequel, more on Colin Trevorrow’s departure from Star Wars Episode 9, the early buzz for Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville, and is Rotten Tomatoes responsible for a terrible Summer box office. And in The Mail Bag, we’ll be talking about lesser known movies that have great plot … [Read more...]