Two ‘Silent Hill 2’ Secrets Discovered After 17 Years!

Like many fans, you’ve probably thought you’ve gotten everything out of what Silent Hill 2 was hiding. Well, it turns out that after 17 years, someone was able to uncover not one but two more goodies locked away in the game that make things decidedly easier during play. The catch is that these tricks only work on the original version of the game. Not the Greatest Hits/Extended version, nor that disaster that was the Silent Hill HD … [Read more...]

New Update to ‘Hunt: Showdown’ Includes New Weapons And Fog

Crytek have unveiled a new update for Hunt: Showdown, introducing a much-needed environmental enhancement in the form of fog. Instead of some of your missions being bright and clear, there’s a decidedly creepy mist that limits your view distance, and generally makes your hunts that much more tense. Of course, there are other enhancements, namely the whack of new weapons you’ll have at your disposal, such as multiple crossbows and a … [Read more...]

Final (And Free!) DLC For ‘Hollow Knight’ Announced For August 23rd

After Team Cherry brought Hollow Knight to the Nintendo Switch last month, some of you are probably asking about the status of that final DLC? Well, lucky you! Team Cherry have announced the fourth and final DLC, entitled “Gods & Glory”, will be available August 23rd for free! The DLC is pegged as Team Cherry’s “largest update yet”, and will include multiple boss fights (including a former NPC), a new female … [Read more...]

‘Call of Cthulhu’ Summoned For October 30th Release

While it’s not Comic-Con news (those are coming in short order), last week we were told that Cyanide Studio was looking to have their adaptation of Call of Cthulhu out this fall. And now, we have a perfect date. Trick or treat! That’s right, just in time for Halloween, Call of Cthulhu will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 30th. Yeah, it’s not exactly Halloween, but really, instead of trick or treating, you can … [Read more...]

Telltale, Scopely Announce ‘The Walking Dead’ Crossover Event

It was hinted at by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman last year, but for the final season of Telltale’s episodic adventure game The Walking Dead, we finally have a crossover! Scopely (the creators of the mobile game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival) and Telltale Games have announced that today, players who download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival “will embark on a new interactive narrative adventure that spans the stories … [Read more...]

Brief New ‘GTFO’ Clip Reveals “Shadow” Enemy

GTFO devs 10 Chambers Collective has revealed a new enemy type in their latest gameplay trailer that should up the already high tension presented in the game. The Shadow enemy can only be seen when illuminated by light sources such as a flashlight. In fact, this makes it almost impossible to see from static screenshots. The skittering around is definitely not something you expect (or want) when you’re trying to barricade yourself against … [Read more...]

Nightdive Prepares September’s Adventure Alpha For ‘System Shock’ Remake

Keeping to their word, Nightdive Studios have been regularly keeping backers and fans up to date with their progress on their remake of System Shock. This month’s update is particular noteworthy, as not only do we get screenshots, more concept art and assets, but also details on Nightdive’s upcoming “Adventure Alpha”. What is the Adventure Alpha, you ask? Besides being Nightdive’s September milestone, this is … [Read more...]

Claustrophobia Mod Puts “Silent Hills” in “Fallout 4”

Again, it seems less likely we’ll be seeing another traditional entry in the Silent Hill series anytime soon. But thanks to fans, we have many inspirations made by fans that attempt to capture the spirit of Silent Hill and more recently, the cancelled Kojima project, Silent Hills. Then there are other fans who have taken to creating mods in lieu of games. One of the newer mods takes Silent Hill and plunks it into Fallout 4 in … [Read more...]

Get Your Splatterpunk Fix With ‘Hotline Miami’-like ‘GARAGE: Bad Trip’

Dennaton Games’s Hotline Miami and its sequel are some of the best games released this decade. They’re also some of the best over-the-top gorefests. Now, what if you took Hotline Miami’s top-down, kneejerk action concept, kept the gore, and instead of mobsters, you were blowing away zombies/monsters? Well, with the recently-released GARAGE: Bad Trip by Zombie Dynamics, you can. Inspired by VHS-era B-movies, GARAGE: Bad Trip was … [Read more...]

Solve a Supernatural-Noir Murder Mystery in ‘The Shapeshifting Detective’

More FMV goodness is coming your way later this year with the announcement of D’Avekki Studios and Wales Interactive’s (the makers of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker) new game, The Shapeshifting Detective. Set for Q4 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, the game is a multi-location, multi-suspect supernatural-noir murder mystery. Featuring 1600+ full HD FMV videos with multiple branching paths, with … [Read more...]

Fix The AI in “Aliens: Colonial Marines” With This Mod

Look, we all know how much of a dumpster fire Aliens: Colonial Marines turned out to be. Not only did Gearbox farm out the development to other studios while they focused on Duke Nukem Forever (yes, we know) and Borderlands 2 and pulled a bait-and-switch in the graphics with the E3 2012 demo and the retail version, the AI for the Xenomorphs is egregiously stupid. Well, at least for the last point, we can now fix it thanks to the modding … [Read more...]

“Dead By Daylight” DLC “Curtain Call” Now Available For Consoles

Console gamers pining for the “Curtain Call” update for Dead By Daylight (which was released last month on PC) are finally getting the update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In case you need a refresher, the update includes a new killer, The Clown, a new survivor named Kate Denson, as well as a new map: Father Campbell’s Chapel. The update also changes the way cosmetics and characters are earned/purchased. “Curtain Call was … [Read more...]

Ex-Visceral Creative Director Laments ‘Dead Space 4’

To say that it still stings that Dead Space developer Visceral Games is gone (and along with them for the time being, the Dead Space franchise) is an understatement. It’s a sad reality of the industry when your game underperforms and your owner decides to cut its losses. There’s still that lingering question of “what if?”. Well, in an interview with Eurogamer, former creative director at Visceral Ben Wanat discussed just … [Read more...]