‘Inside’ Creator says the Game is Heading to the Switch

Switch fans feeling left out with Playdead’s Inside being on everything but your shiny new Nintendo console? Worry no more, as Inside creator Arnt Jensen revealed to Famitsu that their acclaimed follow-up to their also-acclaimed Limbo will be headed to the console, as well as iOS. No release date has been announced for either release, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that Nintendo is trying to right the wrongs of their past consoles … [Read more...]

Face Psychological Horror in Prison with ‘Inmates’

With The Suffering finally being available for current-gen PCs, the idea of having psychological horror game taking place in a prison had me thinking: Why haven’t we gotten more games like this since then? Well, Iceberg Interactive certainly were thinking the same thing, as they’ve released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Inmates. Set for release October 5th, the game puts you in the shoes of a man named Johnathan, … [Read more...]

Grab ‘Outlast’ and its ‘Whistleblower’ DLC FOR FREE!

In case you don’t keep tabs on things like these (I know I wish I was better at it), Humble Bundle is having their “End Of Summer” sale on right now. And as a treat, until Saturday, September 23 at 12PM EST, the Humble Store is giving away Red Barrels Studio’s Outlast and its DLC “Whistleblower” for free. That’s right, if you still haven’t played the game that scared the crap out of so many people, … [Read more...]

Free Deluxe Edition Upgrade of ‘Distraint’ Coming September 29th

Those of you who purchased Jesse Makkonen’s 2015 indie psychological horror adventure Distraint (or are interested in doing so) will now have an extra to look forward to on September 29th. In a press release, Makkonen has announced that the game will receive a free “Deluxe Edition” upgrade for PC, which includes a few gameplay tweaks (such as the removal of the lantern), but also revamped animation, graphics and sound. As well, … [Read more...]

Dontnod’s ‘Vampyr’ Delayed until Next Year

Fans hungry for Dontnod’s action RPG Vampyr will have to find something else to sate their hunger, at least for the rest of the year. Today it was announced that due to technical issues that have hampered development, the game has been pushed back to Spring 2018. The last we heard of Vampyr was back at E3, when it had its original release date set for this November. According to DontNod Entertainment CEO Oskar Guilbert, the problem arose a … [Read more...]

Megadeth To Make a Video Game?

Thrash metal pioneers Megadeth have always had a foot in video games. Dave Mustaine and company have recorded songs for games like Gears Of War, Duke Nukem 3D, and even Guitar Hero. So is it any surprise that after bands like Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Motörhead and Judas Priest have created games inspired by their music, Mustaine says the band is ion the process of doing a game of their own? While at the New York Stock Exchange this past … [Read more...]

‘Fortnite’ Players Enjoyed Cross-Play (For a Bit)

Cross-play between platforms has always seemed like a no-brainer. Sadly, with the exception of a handful of titles, it’s never really taken off (for obvious reasons). For players of Epic’s Fortnite, however, they had a brief moment these past few days to enjoy it. According to a series of Reddit posts, PS4 gamers had discovered over the weekend that they had the ability to play with non-PS4 players. Developer Epic Games confirmed this … [Read more...]

“Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls” Hits Today!

Two weeks ago, we told you about the new update to Incendium Games’ Phantom Halls, which included additions to its Evil Dead 2 component referred to as “Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls”. Well, that day has arrived, and with it comes a brand new trailer! “Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls” marks the first major videogame release for the Evil Dead in 12 years, and features brand new Evil Dead 2-themed quests, enemies, traps and … [Read more...]

Illfonic Posts Update on Future ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Content

Okay, I get it. Some of you aren’t happy with how Gun Media and Illfonic have been handling Friday The 13th: The Game, and you have the right to be. The company has however been trying to make it up to players over the frustration of bugs and online community interaction. And in a recent forum post, Illfonic executive producer Joshua Gertz laid out their content plans over the next two months for game updates. In the post, Gertz does … [Read more...]

‘GTA V’ Machinima Recreates Iconic ‘IT’ Scene

With IT steamrolling over records and raking in cash, proving once again that the genre can (and should) be taken seriously by the mainstream, there’s only one thing left: use GTA V to recreate the iconic paper boat scene. A Machinima group, Final Flame Productions, have recreated the infamous scene, albeit with a cellphone and Jimmy De Santa instead of Georgie and his boat. Yeah, a cellphone isn’t going to float the same way a paper … [Read more...]

Bethesda Bringing ‘DOOM’ and ‘Wolfenstein II’ to the Switch!

Put this one in the “didn’t see this coming” category. At the Nintendo Direct event late yesterday, Bethesda not only announced the release date for Skyrim, but also announced that 2016’s DOOM and the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus would be headed to the Switch! DOOM will be released this holiday season, and include online multiplayer as well as the single-player campaign. Meanwhile, Wolfenstein II, while slated … [Read more...]

‘Inside’ and ‘Limbo’ Two-Pack Available Now!

Remember back in June when it was announced that Playdead’s Inside and Limbo would be getting a two-pack physical release for PlayStation 4 and XBox One? Well, that day has arrived. Currently available in North American, the pack will be available in Oceania, Germany and Austria on Thursday, September 14th, with the rest of Europe getting the games on September 15th. This special edition release includes both of the games, as well as collectors’ … [Read more...]

Run, Hide, ‘The Land of Pain’ is Unleashed Today!

We covered Alessandro Guzzo’s The Land Of Pain last month, and now the game is finally out today on Steam! Powered by the CryEngine, The Land Of Pain combines intricate storytelling, survival mechanics and adventure-style puzzle-solving with a Lovecraftian aspect that (let’s be honest) we always need more of from our horror games. The game places you in a beautiful wooded area, but you soon find out that you’re being hunted by someone … [Read more...]