Player Mods Uber Jason into ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’

Okay, so we know Jason X is being added to Friday The 13th: The Game. We already have a preview of the map and character model for Jason. And now, someone’s gone ahead and modded the game to make the Jason X version of Jason playable (or at least did). Of course, because it’s just a graphical mod, things look a little rough (as the modder simply swapped out Part 8 Jason with the Uber Jason model from the Jason X preview). However, it … [Read more...]

Existential Dread Summoned in Latest Update Video for ‘The Sinking City’

After showing off some cool concept art, Frogwares is back with a new update video for their upcoming Cthulhu-mythos game, The Sinking City. In the video, the team discusses Lovecraft and his works (namely the fear of the unknown, desolation, and hopelessness), and how Lovecraft’s stories influence the game’s world. The team also discusses their views on what makes people afraid. There’s also some sprinkling of concept art (in … [Read more...]

‘Diablo III’ Rumoured to be Headed to the Nintendo Switch?

As Brian Glover once said, “This is Rumor Control. Here are the facts.” According to an article on Neoseeker Blizzard is currently developing a port of Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, their source states that Blizzard is “looking to implement local play with multiple Switches, allowing you to team up for local co-op action”. Of course, there’s no saying who/what their “source” is to back … [Read more...]

New ‘Call of Cthulhu: The Official Videogame’ Gameplay Trailer Surfaces

We’re still waiting on Cyanide’s Call of Cthulhu: The Official Videogame official release date, but the team have recently released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game’s protagonist, Edward Pierce, and his efforts to piece together the mysterious death of a family on Darkwater Island near Boston, Massachusetts. As expected, cultists and one of the Great Old Ones begin to reveal themselves as Pierce digs deeper into the … [Read more...]

[Toy Fair] Storm Collectibles Reveals More ‘Mortal Kombat’ Figures

The New York Toy Fair is in full swing, and despite Storm Collectibles having already revealed their upcoming Mortal Kombat Shao Khan figure, that doesn’t mean that’s their only upcoming figure in the line. Thanks to Toy Ark, Storm Collectibles has on display other figures that will be released. The lineup now includes Goro, Rain, Smoke and Ermac. Sure, the three ninjas are essentially repaints of one another, but if you’ve had … [Read more...]

‘System Shock’ Remake put on Hold Temporarily

When we last heard from Nightdive Studios and their upcoming remake of System Shock, the team was still at work on the game’s “vertical slice”. However, that was really back in November. And the news coming out yesterday is not what fans wanted to hear. On the game’s Kickstarter page, Nightdive Studios’ CEO and founder Stephen Kick has posted to state that development on the game has halted while the Nightdive team … [Read more...]

Bandai Namco Reveal Multiplayer Functionality in ‘Code Vein’

Those wondering if Bandai Namco will have online multiplayer in their upcoming Dark Souls-inspired vampire action RPG Code Vein will be pleased to know that the game will allow friends to drop in and join in the fight. The company announced the feature via Twitter, which seems to imply the game will have a co-op feature similar to Dark Souls. In the case of Code Vein, as you explore and attempt to complete dungeons alongside an NPC companion, you … [Read more...]

Got Twitch Prime? Grab ‘Devil May Cry’ for Free This Month

With Dead Space being free this month, why not have some more (sort of) free stuff in the form of Devil May Cry? With the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Capcom have not only released a new trailer for the collection, but have also sweetened the deal for Twitch Prime users. Starting on February 27th, all subscribers of Amazon/Twitch Prime will be able to grab Devil May Cry from the collection for free. Simply log in … [Read more...]

Grab ‘Dead Space’ for Free this Month!

Visceral Games may be gone, but their work still remains. Of course, they were the folks behind everyone’s “The Thing in space” 3rd-person shooter, Dead Space, which this month is the game that’s been selected for Origin’s “On The House” promotion. In other words: You can get Dead Space for absolutely free on PC. Of course, you’ll have to sign up with EA’s Origin service (and install the … [Read more...]

‘Layers of Fear: Legacy’ Haunts the Nintendo Switch this Month

Developer Bloober Team recently announced that their supernatural first-person horror game Layers of Fear will be headed to the Nintendo Switch February 21st, and will set you back £17.99/$19.99 USD when it arrives on eShop. Originally released last year for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One, the new port will be titled Layers of Fear: Legacy, and will include the Inheritance DLC, as well as Joy-Con, touchscreen, and HD Rumble support. While I … [Read more...]

‘Monster Hunter: World’ Breaks Capcom Record

We briefly mentioned how Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World has already become the fastest-selling entry in the franchise. Now the game holds the distinction of being the fastest-selling game in Capcom’s history. In a press release, Capcom announced that the game has shipped a combined 6 million units worldwide on PlayStation 4 and XBox One, and that includes digital download sales. The game came out a little over two weeks ago, and has a … [Read more...]

‘The Forest’ to Exit Early Access, Release in April

We mentioned Endnight Games’ The Forest in our list of games to look forward to this year, and while that 2018 release date hasn’t been clarified yet, the team recently announced that the game is headed out of Early Access on Steam, with a tentative release date “towards the end of April”. This also signals that the PlayStation 4 release won’t be far behind. In that same post, the team elaborated on the progress and … [Read more...]

Final ‘Vampyr’ Developer Diary Released; Game Hits June 5th

After three dev diary entries for Vampyr, Dontnod have saved the best for last. Partly because at the end of this fourth entry, they’ve revealed the release date for the game: June 5th, 2018. With this entry, the developers discuss their approach to storytelling, what it means to them, and how that relates to video games. As they’ve touched on in the previous entries, Dontnod’s focus is to create a rich story that players can … [Read more...]