Kindergarten Cop (1990)

So lately I have been on a little bit of an Arnold Schwarzenegger (Red Sonja) kick lately… So far I have checked out Commando (1985)… A great movie that also stars Alyssa Milano (Crash Course) and Rae Dawn Chong (Quest For Fire)! A great action film about a former special forces officer who goes after the guys  that kidnap his daughter! That was a great movie that I actually hadn’t seen in a fair number of years. Another … [Read more...]

The Modern Day Western Movie Vs. The Classic Western Movie

T he Lone Ranger and Tonto in the updated adaption of the classic series! So these days when you  think of western movies, you probably are thinking about, The Hateful Eight (2015), or the True Grit remake… Or possibly even the tv show, ‘Deadwood’ with Ian McShane (Hercules) and Timothy Olyphant (Scream)… But for those of us born before 1990, alot of us used to watch the classic sphagetti westerns that Clint Eastwood (A … [Read more...]

Escape Plan (2013)

Ok, so Arnold Schwarzenegger (Commando) & Sylvester Stallone (Cobra)… Beyond the fact that it is kind of cool the fact that both of them are friends, and used to be co-owners of Planet Hollywood… I always thought that it would be kind of cool to see them do a movie together! Unfortunately, for most of my life I never really got to see them work together… It was not until the last few years when Sylvester Stallone kind of … [Read more...]

Five Great Seventies Sci-Fi Movies That Should Never Be Forgotten, But Never Be Remade!

THX 1138 is a classic example of a great sci-fi movie that I hope will never be remade! Ok, so one of the things that for whatever reason the studios seem to do in earnest… Instead of rebooting, or leaving classic franchises the way they are… They seem to remake them! This sucks… Because often times the remakes are no where near as good as the originals and sometimes actually bring down the popularity of the originals a little … [Read more...]

Batman: Year One (2011)

Ok, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching the popular fox TV series, ‘Gotham’ with Ben McKenzie (88 Minutes)! It is a fantastic show that tells the story of how Bruce Wayne got set on his path toward becoming the Dark Knight! You know what? It is alot of fun! And speaking of: Ben McKenzie and Batman, there is another Batman vehicle that Mr. McKenzie is apart of that was a ton of fun to, that I think you guys … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Getting To Watch Older Iconic Horror Movies.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre… This is a great classic horror movie! So for most people, even a ton of the more younger horror fans that I have talked to seem to not really seem to relish the idea of watching some of the older classics… But really the newer stuff! That is a shame! I mean honestly, there are so many great horror movies that have come out in the last almost hundred years! And honestly, the horror movies of today are … [Read more...]

Django Unchained (2012)

Ok, so you wouldn’t think it… But a lot of the time these days, Western movies are generally, ‘B’ movies… Now before you started demaning my head for attacking western movies… The truth is, is I am not… A lot of the time people think when you say, ‘B’ movie… People generally tend to make these movies out to be pretty horrible, but the truth is… Is they are actually really pretty … [Read more...]

Tommy Wirkola Brings Hitler Back In Dead Snow 3!

  Apparently these Nazis never got the memo that the war is over… That’s right folks, according to JoBlo. Tommy Wirkola (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters), who brought the Nazi’s back from the dead in the, ‘Dead Snow’ series and who is currently working on bringing back Hansel & Gretel once again for a TV series, was recently approached regading the next and possibly final movie in his epic Dead Snow … [Read more...]

Five Great Dramas That Would Be Great To Watch With The Whole Family!

1996So I don’t get to do this very often, but I have to admit that I am a huge fan of family movies, rather they are animated movies, or Disney movies, or other such movies! They are just a ton of fun! I hope someday that I will be able to get the opportunity to watch these types of movies when I have kids… But till then I thought that you guys might find these top 5 great drama movies that would be great to watch with the whole … [Read more...]

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

The DCEU… Ok, so this movie series has been the attempt by DC to do with DC what Marvel did with the MCU, and the truth is, is this movie series, unlike Marvel’s MCU, has been in somewhat trouble… I mean the movies are good but are not great…  If you are thinking that they are going to be like the movies that Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands) did with, ‘Batman’, or what Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon) did with … [Read more...]

Beyond Skyline… Better Then It’s Predecessor!

Frank Grillo takes on the aliens in, ‘Beyond Skyline! That’s right folks…  Skyline… The movie that came out in 2010 to almost universally bad reviews, about a group of people that are trapped in an apartment during an Alien invasion… Should have stayed dead and burried… Or so you might think! Despite how bad the movie did with both the audience and the critics, this movie actually did produce enough capital … [Read more...]

Firefox (1982)

Ok, so this one is kind of a personal one for me…  In the years before my grandfather past away, he got really in to watching movies… Especially older movies from back in the day when he was still a younger man… Anyway… When he passed away he left his entire DVD collection to my Dad… And one of the movies that he left for me was the movie, Firefox (1982). Written by: Alex Lasker (Doublecrossed) & Wendell Wellman … [Read more...]

John Belushi: The Myth, The Man, The Legend!

John Belushi, with Penny Marshall and Dan Akyroyd. So I wasn’t alive when John Belushi (Neighbors) was making movies…  A shame! His last movie came out in 1981 and he died the year I was born…  Not thrilled about that… You might be wondering why I mention this… Well before i go in this part of it, let me explain to those who are just tuning in, and finding out who the awesome filmmaker was! Anyway, John Belushi, was … [Read more...]