A one of a kind spectacle is showcased in the Final Trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War”

On Friday, Marvel dropped a Trailer that I literally decided was worth taking the weekend to fully process. Of course, we’re talking about the Final Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, which ends another phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though it’s much more than that. It’s a one of a kind event that could end up setting box office records. Hot on the heels of Black Panther (who obviously is a part of this), we might see … [Read more...]

Where do the most recent group of Academy Award winners rank all time?

As we begin to fully focus on 2018 releases and eventually what the 2019 awards season will be like, a little more about the most recent Oscars is still required. Mainly, a look at how the winners stack up with previous ones. This time around, I’m tying in all of the major categories together. Yes, all eight of the top prizes will get a rundown today, with the possibility of another piece next week on the technical categories. For now, … [Read more...]

Ten Filmmakers overdue for their first Oscar nomination

Carrying on with one of the yearly series that I like to do on the site, we’re talking overdue writers and directors. Yes, I wrote last week about actors deserving of Academy Award nominations, so now it’s time to turn attention to filmmakers. Actors and actresses are the sexier group, but writers and directors are the backbone of the industry. There are plenty who have never been cited by the Academy, so that will be the focus today. I’ll … [Read more...]

“Flower” features an awards worthy performance from Zoey Deutch

A breakthrough performance by a talented young actress is always a sight to behold. Last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, I saw Zoey Deutch own the screen in Flower. This independent picture has stayed with me for almost 12 full months, mainly due to Deutch’s captivating turn. She is riveting, to the point where I’m just as eager to fete her performance today as I was in the moments after that Tribeca screening ended last April. … [Read more...]

“Ready Player One”: Films to see in March

Better late than never. Now that we’ve put the 90th Academy Awards in the rearview mirror, let us focus on 2018 releases (and celebrate my birthday today). Yes, we now officially move on to March releases, a month where we essentially get a preview of the summer movie season. Awards type fare will more or less fade away for a few months, so blockbusters are on the horizon there. Sometimes that means a big downturn in quality, but I can … [Read more...]

Sam Mendes and company: Ranking the 007 directors

With recent rumors swirling that Danny Boyle could be coming on board to direct the newest James Bond film, what better time is there to look at the directorial history of the franchise? The prospect of Boyle in the world of Bond is enticing, if slightly unexpected and not a match that makes sense on paper. Still, much of the 007 history in terms of directors has been avoiding the A-listers. Maybe in this new era, there’s a different sort … [Read more...]

Year in Advance Academy Award predictions

There’s no rest for the weary. As the Oscar winning film Crazy Heart once said in its signature song, “this ain’t no place for the weary kind”. Yes, less than a week after the 90th Academy Awards, I’m already bringing you year in advance predictions. Almost exactly a year ago, I did this (as you’ll also see below, but more on that in a bit), so that’s sort of what you do in early March when the most … [Read more...]

Zoe Kazan: Which actors and actresses are due for their first Oscar nomination?

Time to start up another annual tradition here on the site. Every year during the early parts of the season, basically post Oscars, I like to do a post about who is overdue to get either an Academy Award nomination or a win. Last year was no different, so we’re back at it again this year. There’s always a ton of people deserving of attention but not receiving of it. What’s unique this time around is that no one received a nomination from … [Read more...]

Ava DuVernay tackles tentpole filmmaking with “A Wrinkle in Time”

It’s positively refreshing to see a director get a chance to work their way up to a blockbuster. Too often these days, one indie hit gets a hotshot filmmaker (let’s face it, always a white dude) the next franchise to helm. It’s rare that this sort of work is a reward for someone who has earned the chance to take their talents to a new level. Even rarer is when it’s someone who’s not the aforementioned white dude. For … [Read more...]

The Best and Worst moments from the 90th Oscars

Continuing on analysis of the Academy Awards now that the show is over, today will be a look at the highlights and lowlights of the actual telecast. As always, there were great moments and some not so great moments, though the former definitely outweighed the latter. Anyone not named Donald Trump who takes a dig at the show wasn’t paying attention (he never pays attention, so that goes without saying). Below you will find the best and worst … [Read more...]

Breaking down the most exciting Oscar race in recent memory

Last night, the 90th Academy Awards came and went, with another set of Oscar winners in the books. Yours truly went 20 out of 24 with predictions, which is certainly at least a respectable showing. As you no doubt saw, either in our post or during the actual telecast, it was a night of mystery that turned out to confirm many initial expectations. More on that below, though for starters, it was actually refreshing to see almost now winners be … [Read more...]

90th Academy Awards spread the love and “The Shape of Water” emerges victorious

Well folks, now we know. The 90th annual Academy Awards have just wrapped up, only moments ago, with The Shape of Water emerging victorious from one of the closest Best Picture races ever. The Shape of Water actually led the way overall too, with four wins (including Guillermo del Toro for Best Director, along with Best Production Design and Best Original Score), while many of the expected winners managed to finish the season with one more prize … [Read more...]

Independent Spirit Awards give top prizes to “Get Out”

On the day before the Oscars, the Film Indepdnent Spirit Awards were handed out. In what may be a warm up for the Academy Awards, Get Out took Best Film, marking an excellent night overall for the movie. Impending Oscar winners Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell both won as well for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, while the rest of the winners you can see below… Here are all of the Spirit Award winners: BEST FEATURE “Call Me by … [Read more...]