‘Lost in Space’ Trailer: The Classic Sci-Fi Series Gets Rebooted on Netflix

“Danger, Will Robinson!” Lost in Space is a classic television series in that it’s iconic. Everyone can quote it. Everyone is familiar with its iconography. But it was never a great show – it was merely a show that a lot of people grew up watching. Now, a promising reboot of the series could change that. The first Lost in Space trailer has arrived, teasing the new version coming to Netflix in just a few months. And yeah, … [Read more...]

‘L.A. Confidential’ TV Series Wisely Adds Walton Goggins

There’s only one problem when you cast Walton Goggins. Once he shows up, you spend the rest of the movie/show waiting for him to come back. Thankfully, CBS’ upcoming small screen take on L.A. Confidential won’t have that problem – he’ll be playing one of the lead characters.Variety reports that Goggins has landed the role of Detective Jack Vincennes in the new network pilot. This is the part played by Kevin Spacey in … [Read more...]

‘Kung Fury’ Movie Adds Arnold Schwarzenegger as the President of the United States

Well, if you’re going to make an outrageous and over-the-top tribute to schlocky ’80s cinema, this is how you do it. Kung Fury, the big screen follow-up to the viral short film of the same name, has added action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger to its increasingly bizarre cast. But who will the Austrian Oak play? The President of the United States, of course.The news of Schwarzenegger’s casting comes out of the European Film Market … [Read more...]

Disney Parks Reveals ‘Star Wars’ Hotel Details, New Marvel Rides and Pixar Pier Opening Date

D23 Expo Japan was held over the weekend and you know what that means: lots of Disney news. But the biggest news to come out of this event hails not from the realm of film and television, but from theme parks. Specifically, theme park stuff based on film and television. You want to know more about the Star Wars hotel? The Guardians of the Galaxy coaster coming to Epcot? Superhero-themed rides popping up all over the world? That new Mickey Mouse … [Read more...]

‘Child’s Play’ TV Series in the Works From Original Writer

All horror icons grow old, stop being scary, and eventually vanish into the ether. It’s just the circle of life. It happened to Freddy Krueger. It happened to Jason Voorhees. It happened to Michael Myers (although that new movie may have something to say about that). But Chucky? The kids’ doll possessed by the soul of a psychopathic criminal? He’s somehow kept on trucking. And now, the little guy’s killing spree will … [Read more...]

Willem Dafoe Joins New Film from ‘The Witch’ Director

Willem Dafoe is a treasure. A frequently terrifying, shapeshifting treasure. The instantly recognizable character actor broke the mold with his Oscar-nominated turn as an amicable motel manager in The Florida Project, but you can’t keep Dafoe away from all things creepy and unpleasant. He’s now set to star in The Lighthouse, the new film from the director of The Witch. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Or hell. Both apply … [Read more...]

‘Lobo’ Movie Puts Director Michael Bay in Its Sights

Michael Bay was always going to get around to directing a superhero movie. It was inevitable. And you know what? Few comic book characters match his specific sensibilities quite like Lobo. A new report says Bay has met with Warner Bros. about bringing the crass, intergalactic bounty hunter to life on the big screen. And yes, the studio sees this as their possible answer to Deadpool.The Wrap reports that Bay met with Warner Bros. and DC execs to … [Read more...]

New ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Images Reveal New Characters and More Plot Details

After months of waiting around for the first Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, it finally arrived this week. And now, the deluge has begun. A slew of new Solo images have arrived online, along with new details about the characters and plot points involved in this origin story. So buckle in. We’re going to make the jump to lightspeed and run down what you need to know.These new photos come to us via Entertainment Weekly (who are running a … [Read more...]

New ‘Star Wars’ Films Coming From ‘Game of Thrones’ Creators

J.J. Abrams may be bringing the new sequel trilogy to its conclusion with the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 9, but we’ll be visiting a galaxy far, far away for a long time yet. Disney and Luscasfilm have announced a series of new Star Wars movies from a duo with plenty of experience transporting audiences to bold and fantastical worlds: Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.Winter is Coming to a Galaxy Far, Far … [Read more...]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park Could Become Disney Cinemagine Park [Updated]

Update: Disney has denied that Hollywood Studios is undergoing a name change. Their statement, and our thoughts, have been added to the original article below. The Hollywood Studios Park at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida has been undergoing a bit of an identity crisis over the past few years. It’s a park in transition. The new Toy Story Land opens in a few months. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge arrives in a few years. … [Read more...]

‘A Quiet Place’ Will Open the 2018 SXSW Film Festival

The 2018 SXSW Film Festival kicks off in March and the first wave of movies that will be playing has been announced. A Quiet Place, the new horror film from director John Krasinski starring Emily Blunt, will be the opening night film. However, the programming runs the gamut from prestige dramas like Final Portrait to crude comedies like Blockers to TV shows like Krypton. But perhaps importantly (at least to me!), the fest will see the premiere of … [Read more...]

‘The First Purge’ Poster is Here to Ruffle Some Feathers

Oh, boy. They went there. The first poster for The First Purge, the fourth film in the series and a prequel set years before the events of part one, has arrived and it’s…well, just look at it. This series has always worn its politics on its blood-soaked sleeve, but this is just active trolling.Remember when The Purge: Election Year — the third movie in a series set in a science fiction dystopia where an authoritarian government … [Read more...]

‘Hereditary’ Trailer: One of 2018’s Freakiest Horror Movies

When a new horror movie invites immediate comparisons from critics to The Witch and Kill List, it has my attention. So Ari Aster‘s Hereditary had my complete and undivided attention the moment in premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. But now that the first trailer for this film arrived, it has all of my attention and then some. The festival buzz suggests that this is an early contender for the best horror movie of 2018 and this footage … [Read more...]