Adorable Picture of Stoned Dog Storms the Internet

So, before I get into the story of this picture about how adorable this stoned dog looks, I need to mention that some things that are completely safe for humans are toxic to animals. Specifically, both chocolate and marijuana are very bad for dogs. Do not let your dog eat pot brownies and if he does, take him to the vet. And actually, if you look at this adorable picture from Reddit, it’s clearly taken in the vet’s office. The original poster … [Read more...]

Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ Film Is Moving Forward, Will Be Rated R, Sir Patrick Stewart Wants To Be In It

It looks like Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek film is happening, and it’s happening fast. Accoridng to Deadline, the genius auteur locked himself in a writer’s room with a team that included The Good Place’s Megan Amram and Mark L. Smith, who is rumored to be the man in charge of the final script, based on Tarantino’s plot and the other writer’s input. There seems to be a desire to move ahead quickly and have a shooting script ready by the time … [Read more...]

Kevin Spacey Also Sexually Harasses Adults, As Long As They’re Royalty

Boy, Kevin Spacey just can’t catch a break. After a pair of people said he tried to have sex with them when they were 14, it came out that he was also sexually harassing basically everyone on the crew of his hit Netflix show House of Cards, from which he was fired almost immediately. Spacey’s dick-grabbing antics don’t stop on the set, though, because he apparently also grabbed a royal dick in Norway ten years ago, one belonging to Ari Behn, who … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Was Sent a Sacagawea Coin For Her Groping Lawsuit Award

Over the summer, Taylor Swift sued some shitty DJ for grabbing her ass and won an award of $1, which is all she was seeking in damages. Swift wanted a symbolic judgement and didn’t want to actually bankrupt the guy, just to send a message. According to the AP, the DJ, David Mueller, followed through on his “plan” to send Swift a $1 coin as payment for her court ruling against him. A former radio DJ who was ordered to pay a symbolic $1 to Taylor … [Read more...]

Is Nothing Sacred? Creepy Angelina Jolie Doppelgänger a Hoax

Remember Sahar Tabar, the Iranian teenager who completely wrecked her face trying to look like Angelina Jolie? Well, the good news is that she still looks normal, the extreme makeover was the result of makeup and photoshop. Let’s take a look at what Tabar was able to accomplish with her face. She really pulled off a whole Skeletor look that’s impressive once you know it isn’t her real face.A post shared by سحرتبر…! … [Read more...]

Matt Lauer Will Have to Get His Next Rape Button Installed on a Golf Cart

Guys, Matt Lauer has a sad! Apparently all that sexual harassing he’s been doing for the last twenty years has left him feeling, like, totes bummed. And now he just wants to take his tens of millions of dollars and play golf in the Hamptons. A pair of reports today from Page Six are sort of at odds with each other, as one says that Lauer is “broken and ashamed” after being fired for sexual harassment while another says that Lauer is enjoying a … [Read more...]

Harvey Weinstein Had His Assistant Buy Him a Sex Condo and Bring Boner Drugs on Demand

There’s only two times I wear a bathrobe. One is when I’ve just taken a shower. It’s a pretty good reason. The other time is when I have sex guest coming over and I want to send a message that we aren’t here to cuddle and watch Netflix and talk about your feelings; we are here to do a job and I’m wearing something that lets me get my bits out as quickly as possible so we can get right to it. What separates me from Harvey Weinstein is that this … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Jr. Comes Out as Pro-Butthole Bleaching on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. does some weird shit on Twitter, like following a blowjob coach. Luckily, there’s a Twitter bot, @trumpsalert, that lets us know all the crazy shit he and his family like on Twitter. And today it let us know that Don Jr. liked this tweet from Gavin McInnes.DonaldJTrumpJr liked this tweet: — Trump Alert (@TrumpsAlert) December 6, 2017You only get one chance to make a first impression. … [Read more...]

Time’s Person of the Year is ‘The Silence Breakers’, Which Is Also an Awesome Band Name

Time announced its “Person of the Year“, and the winner is the women who talked about sexual harassment and brought down men like Harvey Weinstein. It’s a good choice, too; in a year of big stories, the fall of several powerful men who abused their power for sexual gratification stands out as one of the biggest. The women and men who have broken their silence span all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually all … [Read more...]

Bryan Singer Disappears From Queen Biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Bad news if you were looking forward to that Bryan Singer directed Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody; Singer has been fired by Fox with less than three weeks of filming left before production wrapped. But there are conflicting stories on why Singer was fired from the film and why his production company is today packing up its office on the Fox lot because of it. Deadline covered the entire timeline of events as they were unfolding, and it’s kind of a … [Read more...]

America Once Again Safe as Mexican Bologna Smuggler is Brought to Justice

Every day, the brave men and women of the Border Patrol protect our country from the sorts of existential threats posed by Kinder Eggs and reimported drugs from Canada, where they’re sold at a price people can actually afford. A few days ago, those national heroes saved us from the horrors that would have been unleashed if a woman had been allowed to bring 23 pounds of bologna across the border. “CBP is entrusted with enforcing hundreds of laws … [Read more...]

Quentin Tarantino in Talks to Direct a ‘Star Trek’ Movie

The Star Trek franchise is at an all-time low at the moment. The newest television series, Star Trek: Discovery, is being used as a last ditch attempt to rescue the flailing CBS All Access streaming service, and it’s been overshadowed by the vastly superior Seth MacFarlane Trek pastiche The Orville. The reason for that is MacFarlane has an ability to take something, strip it down to its skeleton and then lay his own voice on top of that skeleton … [Read more...]

Florida Opossum Breaks Into Liquor Store and Gets Drunk, Leads Field in 2018 Governor Race

Sometimes after a long day of pretending to be dead and rooting through trash bins you just need to kick back and take the edge off. That’s just what this Florida opossum did when she broke into a liquor store and drank an entire bottle of bourbon because opossums like to party. According to the AP, the opossum was taken to a wildlife refuge where it was given fluids until it sobered up and it was released back into the wild, proving that even … [Read more...]