[Review] ‘Still/Born’ Delivers the Scares, Christie Burke Is a Standout

The past decade or so has given us so many wonderful instant classics that the “most horror movies are terrible” myth is slowly, but surely, becoming a sentiment of the past. Although there have been so many excellent films over the last few years, the sheer number of movies available at any given moment sometimes makes it difficult to wade through the muck to get to the good stuff. This means just as much excitement is produced for a “hidden … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘Class of 1999’ Is a Punk Rock Cult Classic!

If you’re looking for a new cult classic to champion, search no further. Mark L. Lester’s Class of 1999 delivers all the action and off-the-wall weirdness you could want in a sci-fi exploitation flick. The film opens and a narrator explains that America was taken over by youth gangs in the early 90s. By 1999, major cities are in total chaos and decay. The school systems are unable to properly function amidst all the violence between gangs of … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘The Open House’ is a Deeply Frustrating, Clichéd Wreck

As Dylan Minnette’s character, Logan, points out in The Open House, the concept of “open houses” is a strange one. Logan notes that countless strangers wander around your home while you’re not there, the realtors too busy putting on a good face to monitor what each guest is doing, or, more horrifyingly, if each guest leaves once the showing is over for the day. This is exactly the terrifying situation which befalls Logan and his mother, Naomi … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘The Midnight Man’ is a Messy, Forgettable Film

If you’ve ever wondered what a cross between Ouija (2014), The Bye Bye Man (2017), and a heavy dose of Insidious (2010) would look like, search no further. Travis Zariwny’s latest, The Midnight Man, is just that – a watchable, yet unremarkable, amalgam of any number of the latest supernatural films. The film opens in a large, shadowy house set in 1953. Inside, a small group of children are gathered within a circle of salt, avoiding a … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘Desolation’ is a Timely, Bonkers Debut

David Moscow’s directorial debut, Desolation (not to be confused with Sam Patton’s 2017 feature-length debut of the same name), is not your typical tale of a small-town girl who falls for the handsome actor. Desolation tells the story of Katie (Dominik Garcia-Lorido), a sexual assault survivor coping with her trauma and subsequent suicide attempt. While working at a motel in Elmira, New York, she meets Jay (Brock Kelly), an aspiring … [Read more...]

[Review] ’78/52′ is a Must-See Love Letter to Hitchcock and Filmmaking

You would be hard-pressed to find a film lover who does not name Alfred Hitchcock as a favorite filmmaker. It would be harder still to find a horror fan who does not name Hitchcock’s Psycho as an all-time favorite. The legacy of his 1960 horror classic is boundless, living on in both mainstream and indie film circles, as well as in popular culture, all these years later. It was the infamous “shower scene,” wherein Janet Leigh’s character Marion … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘American Fable’ Is a Captivating Character Study

Gone are the archaic days of assuming “direct-to-video” is synonymous with “poor quality”. Interesting, unique, and stylized indie debuts are becoming increasingly common, and writer/director Anne Hamilton’s feature debut American Fable is no exception. American Fable is an ambitious film which tells the story of a lonely young girl named Gitty. Gitty’s family lives on a farm somewhere in rural America in the 80’s, and the 11-year-old spends … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘Skybound’ is Campy, Entertaining Fun

Sometimes, as a horror fan, you just need a palate cleanser. Gore, brutality, and sheer terror are fun, but a laugh is needed every once in a while, if only to fend off desensitization. For those who don’t like to stray too far from the horror genre, ostentatious natural disaster and survival movies are a natural go-to. Writer/director Alex Tavakoli’s debut film Skybound is about as garish and laugh-inducing a survival film as B-movies come. The … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘The Unseen’ Overuses its Gimmick, Unrealizes Potential

The Unseen, director Gary Sinyor’s first pilgrimage into the horror genre, is a solemn tale of loss, grief, and obsession. The film stars Jasmine Hyde as Gemma, an audiobook narrator whose young son tragically drowns in an indoor pool shortly after the film begins. After the traumatic event, Gemma begins to suffer from severe panic attacks which cause her vision to blur. Gemma and her husband Will (Richard Flood) are finding it difficult to deal … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘Most Beautiful Island’ is a Unique and Anxiety-Inducing Debut Film

Ana Asensio’s directorial debut Most Beautiful Island is a fascinating look at a day in the life of an immigrant living in New York City. Luciana (Ana Asensio) works multiple dead-end jobs but still can’t seem to make ends meet. One day after finishing a shift working as mascots and handing out fliers for a restaurant, Luciana and her friend Olga (Natasha Romanova) are discussing their various jobs when Olga gets a phone call. She tells Luciana … [Read more...]

[Cinepocalypse Review] ‘Poor Agnes’ is a Beautiful and Vicious Addition to Indie Horror

Poor Agnes is an in-depth and, at times, deeply disturbing look inside the mind of a depraved serial killer. The film stars Lora Burke as the petite but massively powerful Agnes, a forthright, mentally unstable young woman with a penchant for bloodlust. Despite believing it to be a waste of his time, an arrogant private investigator named Mike (Robert Notman) ends up at Agnes’ home to solve the decade-old missing persons case of her high school … [Read more...]

[Review] ‘Totem’ Saves Itself from Mediocrity with Shocking Plot Twist

How far would you go to save your family from the unknown? This is the question audiences are asked as they watch Marcel Sarmiento’s latest film, Totem. The story follows Kellie (Kerris Dorsey), a teenage girl who finds herself filling her late mother’s shoes as head of household. When Kellie’s father moves his girlfriend into the family home, a mysterious and malicious poltergeist will stop at nothing to be rid of the new woman who is disturbing … [Read more...]

[Screamfest Review] ‘Ruin Me’ is a Muddled Yet Entertaining Debut

Each year, thousands of horror fans flock to haunted attractions, seeking out a good time with friends and a few laughs and scares. But what happens if one of these experiences goes horribly, fatally wrong? That’s exactly what happens in Preston DeFrancis’ feature debut Ruin Me. The film stars Marcienne Dwyer as Alex, a non-horror fan dragged by her boyfriend to a 36-hour camping haunt called Slasher Sleepout. Throughout the camping trip, Alex, … [Read more...]