Truth or Dare Review: Blumhouse Loses This Game

Truth or Dare makes the least of its parts, wasting a promising premise with clichéd horror tropes and an uninspired narrative. Truth or Dare is the latest film from Blumhouse, a production company that’s become renowned in recent years for their stable of micro-budgeted, highly-profitable horror movies. The studio is coming off a banner year in 2017 that saw a number of hits, including Split, Happy Death Day, and the Oscar-winning Get Out. … [Read more...]

The New Incredibles 2 Trailer Has Arrived!

Disney/Pixar has released a new trailer for this summer’s Incredibles 2. While the studio’s dabbling in sequels has been relatively hit or miss with audiences, one property moviegoers have been desperate to return to is The Incredibles. A long 14 years ago, Brad Bird introduced viewers to the Parr family and gave Hollywood one of its finest additions to the superhero genre. The film was a phenomenal success, grossing $261.4 million … [Read more...]

The New Solo: A Star Wars Trailer Is Finally Here!

Lucasfilm has released a new theatrical trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Perhaps it’s fitting a film that took an unconventional path to completion has a rather unconventional marketing campaign for a Hollywood blockbuster. Whereas teasers for Rogue One and The Last Jedi debut eight months before their respective theatrical premieres, viewers didn’t get their first look at Solo until early February – roughly three months … [Read more...]

Gringo Review: This Is How To Waste A Great Cast

Gringo is a messy, confused entry in the crime genre that wastes its stellar ensemble on an uninspired narrative and leaves minimal impact. Gringo is the latest project from director Nash Edgerton, a longtime Hollywood stuntman who has also helmed a number of short films in his career. With this movie, he’s making the jump to feature-length pictures, accompanied by an all-star cast that includes his brother Joel Edgerton, David Oyelowo, … [Read more...]

Death Wish Review: Bruce Willis Isn’t Back Yet

Death Wish is woefully generic fare that’s tonally confused in its storytelling, bland in its direction, and doesn’t bring much new to the table. A remake of the 1974 film of the same name, Death Wish pairs aging action icon Bruce Willis with director Eli Roth (Hostel, The Green Inferno) to bring the classic tale of vigilante justice to modern audiences. Once one of the biggest stars of the genre, Willis has had a rough go of it … [Read more...]

Han & Chewie Team Up For Solo International Trailer & Poster

An international trailer and poster for Solo: A Star Wars Story have made their way online. Lucasfilm has arguably taken an unorthodox approach to promoting their latest film, unveiling the first footage roughly three months before it hits theaters. The project obviously went through substantial reshoots following the unprecedented director change, but any perceived delay in marketing was intentional on the studio’s part to allow The Last … [Read more...]

Game Night Review: Weekends With Jason Bateman Are A Lot of Fun

Game Night is a madcap adventure packed with laughs, twists, and good performances that will keep audiences thoroughly entertained. Game Night is a new comedy from directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who are currently best known for helming the Vacation reboot and writing last summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. The duo was recently pegged by Warner Bros. (the studio behind Game Night) to call the shots on the … [Read more...]

Early Man Review: Bend It Like Cavemen

Early Man is technically-impressive and boasts strong visuals, but its simple story holds it back from reaching its full potential. Early Man is the latest movie from Aardman Animations, the British-based studio best known for producing stop-motion films such as Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep Movie. Over the years, they’ve earned a reputation as a favorite among animation enthusiasts, picking up a plethora of accolades and awards. Early … [Read more...]

12 Strong Review: A Well-Intentioned Tribute To Real Heroes

12 Strong works as a tribute to the real-life American heroes who lived it, but is an overall generic war film without much substance. The latest film from veteran Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 12 Strong marks the feature film debut for director Nicolai Fuglsig. It tells the true story of a declassified mission from the outset of America’s war on terror, in which a small group of soldiers were among the first deployed to Afghanistan … [Read more...]

I, Tonya Review: Robbie & Janney Shine In Crazy True Story

I, Tonya is a wild and entertaining exploration of one of sport’s most controversial figures, spearheaded by excellent performances from the cast. I, Tonya is the latest film from director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl, Fright Night) and is based on the life of former U.S. figure skater Tonya Harding. She is best known for her connection to a 1994 attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan, which aimed to injure Kerrigan’s leg so … [Read more...]

The Post Review: Spielberg’s Triumphant Ode To Journalism

The Post is an expertly-crafted and compelling film brought to tantalizing life by a master director and an all-star ensemble cast. The Post is the latest historical drama from director Steven Spielberg, following his recent Oscar-winning efforts such as Lincoln and Bridge of Spies. The project came together very quickly last year, with the cast and crew assembling in March to get it through the pipeline. Given the nature of its story, … [Read more...]

Molly’s Game Review: Chastain & Sorkin Deal A Winning Hand

Molly’s Game is an entertaining look at a fascinating true story, powered by an excellent script and captivating performances. Famous for penning screenplays to acclaimed dramas such as A Few Good Men and The Social Network, Molly’s Game marks the first time Oscar-winning scribe Aaron Sorkin stepped behind the camera to helm a feature film. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has developed a distinct style that’s been … [Read more...]

Downsizing Review: The Concept Is Better Than The Story

Downsizing does the bare minimum with its out-of-the-box concept, telling a story that’s dull and uninteresting in execution. Downsizing is the latest film from director Alexander Payne, who has delivered numerous critical darlings throughout his career, including Oscar-winning films such as Sideways and The Descendants. His first foray into the realm of sci-fi, this project has been noted for being similar to Payne’s earlier movie Election in … [Read more...]