Tully Trailer: Charlize Theron Does Battle With Motherhood

Charlize Theron battles diapers, school trips, and battered dreams in a new trailer for Tully, the film from director Jason Reitman. The new film follows the lane of social commentary and surprisingly uplifting takes on serious topics from Reitman, most known for Juno, Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air. Reitman’s previous work, delving into the realm of social satire with uplifting commentary, has made a mark on the cultural … [Read more...]

Benji Trailer & Poster: Netflix Reboots The Classic Dog Movie

Netflix is adding to its original programming with Benji, a reboot of the classic film, which receives a trailer and poster. The film adds to Netflix’s prestigious original films category with films ranging from Little Evil to Mudbound. The company is rapidly making a name for itself as a film studio, with Mudbound garnering several historic nominations for the streaming service. Benji sees Netflix expanding into more family-friendly … [Read more...]

Little Evil Trailer: Adam Scott Is The Antichrist’s Step Dad

Netflix has shared the first trailer for the upcoming horror comedy Little Evil. From Santa Clarita Diet to this new film, Netflix is telling scary stories that make viewers laugh. Starring Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott, the film asks the very common question: What’s it like to be the stepdad to the antichrist? While that may seem like a fairly outlandish setup for a film, it also works as a pretty great metaphor for the stress that comes … [Read more...]