Downsizing Trailer: Matt Damon Goes Small For Alexander Payne’s New Film

The first full look for the upcoming sci-fi comedy, Downsizing has finally been released online. Written and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alexander Payne, the movie has been slowly garnering interest with several promos rolling out ahead of the upcoming official trailer for the movie, including a short teaser late last month. Downsizing not only boasts a critically acclaimed director, it also packs plenty of star power. It stars … [Read more...]

Blade Runner 2049 International TV Trailer: Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Run

Sony Pictures UK has dropped a brand-new international TV trailer for Blade Runner 2049 online. A few decades have now passed since the first installment in the budding neo-noir sci-fi franchise, Blade Runner, was released in theaters and became a touchstone title in its own right. Nevertheless, Harrison Ford is back reprising his role as the replicant hunter Rick Deckard from the original Blade Runner in the much-anticipated sequel. This time, … [Read more...]

Bright Trailer: First Official Look At David Ayer’s Netflix Movie

The first full trailer for the fantasy/cop-adventure film, Bright, has just been released online. Helmed by director David Ayer and based on a script written by Max Landis (which Ayer eventually rewrote), the movie has been described as “a contemporary cop thriller, but with fantastical elements” – an interesting marriage of film tropes and genres  Financially backed up by Netflix, the project has a designated budget of $90 … [Read more...]

The Shape of Water Trailer: Guillermo del Toro’s New Fairy Tale

The first look at Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film, The Shape of Water, has finally landed online. Said trailer debuted on the big screen attached to War for the Planet of the Apes, this past weekend. Now, however, the theatrical preview is online for everyone to check out for themselves. Garnering an R-rating, The Shape of Water tackles the story of trapped and isolated Elisa (Sally Hawkins) who works in a hidden high-security government … [Read more...]