“Ready Player One”: Films to see in March

Better late than never. Now that we’ve put the 90th Academy Awards in the rearview mirror, let us focus on 2018 releases (and celebrate my birthday today). Yes, we now officially move on to March releases, a month where we essentially get a preview of the summer movie season. Awards type fare will more or less fade away for a few months, so blockbusters are on the horizon there. Sometimes that means a big downturn in quality, but I can vouch for some of these March releases being really solid. You never know, one or two might just be an Academy contender next year. Anything is possible, after all, and obviously look for more coverage on these films during the weeks to come. Here now are the ten best bets for March viewing: 10. Ismael’s Ghosts – A French flick starring Marion Cotillard that I saw last year at the New York Film Festival, this is an odd duck. Tonally all over the place, it’s unlike anything else out there right now. For the quirkiness of it alone, it’s worth checking out. 9. Pacific Rim: Uprising – The first installment somewhat underwhelmed, so expectations are decidedly low here, especially without the presence of Guillermo del Toro. Still, if this sequel does embrace its inherent goofiness and bombast, some fun could be had. I see it next week, so stay tuned… 8. Gemini – As a fan of Lola Kirke, this noir type film has me intrigued. It has been gaining positive notices on the festival circuit, so while it’s not going to end up an awards player or anything of the sort, it has my attention. Kirke is good in everything, and this looks like a juicy role. Count me in. 7. Love, Simon – It shouldn’t be newsworthy in 2018 that a mainstream studio romantic comedy has a gay protagonist, but here we are. Reviews so far have been pretty strong for this one from filmmaker Greg Berlanti, with star Nick Robinson continuing to cement his future A-list status in Hollywood. Look out for this one to possibly be an under the radar hit with audiences. 6. Tomb Raider – The latest video game adaptation is also a remake. Here, in an origin story, one Oscar winner in Alicia Vikander replaces another one in Angelina Jolie. I see the flick tomorrow, so hopefully it’s a fun adventure, as opposed to the slog that most video [...]

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