Watch: ‘The Star Wars’ Concept Trailer Based on McQuarrie’s Early Art

The Star Wars Trailer

"We never saw that movie. But many of these differences can be seen in the concept art…" Whoa! This is awesome. In honor of the release of the new Star Wars, a group of fans from the DAVE School of VFX have put together a fun concept trailer for "The Star Wars". Many die-hard fans know that the original script and original concept art for the very first Star Wars movie was very different than the eventual version / universe we did get and all know (and love) today. The video goes on to explain that odd things in the script were visualized in the early concept art Ralph McQuarrie did for George Lucas. And so they tried to make a short teaser trailer for a version of "The Star Wars" as if it really exited and it was created exactly from McQuarrie's visuals. It's actually better than you're expecting, and is definitely worth a quick watch below. ›››

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