Courteney Cox Wears Polka Dots to Dinner

Courteney Cox Wears Polka Dots to Dinner

Courteney Cox goes casual as she heads to dinner earlier this week in Los Angeles.

The 53-year-old actress wore a polka dot blouse with jeans and a low heel.

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In a recent interview, actress Tessa Thompson said she was just waiting for a call from Courteney. Tessa portrayed a version of Courteney‘s Friends character Monica in an all black cast of Friends for Jay-Z‘s “Moonlight” music video.

“I’m holding out for Courteney Cox just to call me one Tuesday and be like, ‘Hey!” she told ET.

“I was just talking to a friend of mine recently who said after that [video], they just started binging the show,” she continued. “I think all of the cast of black Friends, or as we like to call it, Fwends, I think we all had the same experience of going back for research to watch that episode and it’s just, you kind of can’t stop. It’s such an irresistible show. But I’d love to hear from any of the Friends cast, so just tell them to hit me up!”

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