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‘Cook Off!’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy’s Shelved Comedy Finally Makes it to the Table

It’s the heyday of TV series like Chopped and The Great British Bake Off, so it seems like there’s no better time for a mockumentary film about the lives of quirky small-town cooking competitors. Ironically, Melissa McCarthy‘s comedy Cook Off! is a movie … [Read Entire Article]

‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’ Clip Urges Women to Create Their Own Destiny

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women reveals the rather surprising story of the creator of Wonder Woman, Dr. William Moulton Marston, and the unconventional relationship he had with two women. It’s a charming, thoughtful film that goes places you might not expect it … [Read Entire Article]

TV Bits: Cord Cutting, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Flintstones’, and More

In this edition of TV Bits:Cord cutting has reached new heights Seth MacFarlane‘s The Flintstones show probably isn’t happening Sabrina, a Riverdale spin-off, is currently in the … [Read Entire Article]

This Year’s DC TV Crossover Is ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ with Evil Supergirl, Flash and Arrow

With Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow all situated at The CW, it’s now customary to have all of the superheroes check into each others’ shows for a major … [Read Entire Article]

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Movie reviews

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Review

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is an underwhelming series installment hamstrung by a thin script and weak … [Read Entire Article]

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women Review

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women deftly blends a beautiful tale of romance with the story of … [Read Entire Article]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle doubles down on slick action and spy genre riffs, but adds enough fresh and fun elements to provide an exciting sequel. After losing Harry Hart (Colin Firth) and saving the world, Eggsy Unwin (Taron Egerton) has settled into life as a full blown Kingsman agent, taking up … [Read More...]

mother! Review

mother! is an ambitious work that bucks traditional storytelling techniques with its aspirations, but its approach will not be for all moviegoers. Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) lives a tranquil and peaceful life with her husband, Him (Javier Bardem), in their remote home, isolated from the rest of … [Read More...]

American Assassin Review

American Assassin is a preposterous, but lean and mean Mitch Rapp thriller adaptation elevated by Michael Keaton’s turn as Rapp’s grizzled mentor. Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) was a 23-year old graduate school student who had barely gotten engaged to his girlfriend when tragedy … [Read More...]

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“The Disaster Artist”: September Oscar predictions

It’s slowly turning into the fall, weather wise. At the same time, the films are beginning to become more and more prestige laden. The Academy Awards are still a ways off, but predictions need to continually evolve, now that we’re more than halfway through the … [Read Entire Article]

Jake Gyllenhaal is Oscar worthy in “Stronger”

For the last few years, it has almost felt like a waiting game with Jake Gyllenhaal and the Academy. He has an Oscar nomination, but has been snubbed … [Read Entire Article]

Hollywood Contenders – Looking at Best Actress hopefuls

You know what time it is. As you ladies and gentlemen are well aware of from the last year or so as well as my handful of articles again during this … [Read Entire Article]


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It Finally Meets Its Box Office Match In Kingsman: The Golden Circle

It's an evil clown vs. killer cowboy match-up, y'all: 'It' … [Read Entire Article]

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born Moves Up Its Release

Little Monsters, rejoice: Lady Gaga's first major movie, 'A … [Read Entire Article]

Why Is Wonder Woman An Amazon? Luke Evans Explains In New Professor Marston Clip

Wonder Woman's Amazon origins are explained in new clip from … [Read Entire Article]

Stop What You’re Doing And Look At Alicia Vikander’s Muscles In The Tomb Raider Trailer

Alicia Vikander's back muscles are the real stars of the … [Read Entire Article]