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Seth Rogen Comedy ‘Flarsky’ Casts Andy Serkis as a Human Male

Andy Serkis has built his career on stellar performance-capture work in memorable movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the new Planet of the Apes movies, and now he’s been cast in one of his most challenging roles yet: a human male. Serkis, who has obviously … [Read Entire Article]

’12 Strong’ Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Rides Into Battle Against the Taliban

In the 12 Strong trailer, one of the things the soldiers carries into the hunt for the Taliban is a piece of rubble from the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. “This is from the towers. You carry that with you,” William Fichtner’s Colonel Mulholland solemnly declares … [Read Entire Article]

Peter Cullen on ‘Transformers: Titans Return’ and Taking Ownership of Optimus Prime [Interview]

Voice actor Peter Cullen has been playing Optimus Prime, the righteous leader of the Autobots, for over 30 years. After originating the character in 1984 with the original Transformers animated … [Read Entire Article]

Rashida Jones Clarifies Her ‘Toy Story 4’ Departure Amid John Lasseter Misconduct Allegations

In the fallout from John Lasseter‘s announcement that he is stepping down from Pixar amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Rashida Jones has clarified the reason for her departure from the … [Read Entire Article]

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Roman J. Israel, Esq. Review: Denzel Shines in Muddled Legal Drama

Roman J. Israel, Esq. features another standout performance by Washington, but the story around him … [Read Entire Article]

Wonder Review: A Heartwarming Story of Family Love

Wonder is a touching tale of love and friendship, buoyed by strong performances from Jacob Tremblay … [Read Entire Article]

Lady Bird Review: Greta Gerwig’s Coming of Age Romp Delights

Lady Bird makes for a delightful coming of age comedy/drama, fueled by Gerwig’s inspired direction and Saoirse Ronan’s charming performance. Lady Bird is the thoroughly enchanting solo directorial debut for Greta Gerwig, who is perhaps best known at the moment for her multiple … [Read More...]

Mudbound Review: A Moving Tale of Two Families

Fueled by compelling performances and compassionate storytelling, Mudbound is a powerful examination of American society in the aftermath of WWII. Adapted from the novel of the same name (as written by Hilary Jordan and published in 2008), Mudbound is the latest offering from writer/director Dee … [Read More...]

Call Me By Your Name Review: A Beautiful Portrait of First Love

Call Me By Your Name is a beautiful and powerful coming of age love story with remarkable performances from Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet. Directed by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, Call Me By Your Name is a triumph of film, adapted from the novel of the same name by André Aciman, with … [Read More...]

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Gary Oldman will run away with Best Actor for his work in “Darkest Hour”

There are times when the prognostication world anoints a presumed Oscar winner, only to have the film or the performance fall flat when actually seen. Then, there are other times when the movie or performer meets expectations and the victor should begin writing up their … [Read Entire Article]

Independent Spirit Award nominations announced

Just a few moments ago, the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Award nominations were revealed to the public, continuing on with Phase One of the awards … [Read Entire Article]

“Coco” is one of Pixar’s best films yet

Ladies and gentlemen…Pixar has done it again. One more time, they’ve crafted an original modern animated classic. In this instance, the … [Read Entire Article]


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So Justice League‘s Box Office Performance Isn’t Going So Great

'Justice League' isn't turning out a victorious performance … [Read Entire Article]

Beware Of Jack-Jack’s Eyeball Lasers In The New Incredibles 2 Teaser

Proceed with adorable caution: Jack-Jack's superpowers are … [Read Entire Article]

We Need To Talk About That K-Pop Moment In Justice League

The Flash is a fan of K-pop group Blackpink in the 'Justice … [Read Entire Article]

Here’s Our First Look At Young Dumbledore In The Fantastic Beasts Sequel

'Fantastic Beasts' sequel gets an official title and a … [Read Entire Article]